iBusiness Suite: Retail Management
More Than Just a POS - Manage it All in One Simple Secure System
  • Intuitive and Easy to Use
  • Layaways, Up-selling
  • Graphical Real Time Charting and Reports
  • Commissions, Employee Clock In
  • Payment Options: Cash, Card, Check
  • Multiple Till and complete Accounting
  • Inventory Moves and Management
  • Customer Returned Orders
  • Promotional Offers and Discounts

The iVerticle Retail Management System is developed with both key businesses features and Web Technologies. With POS features and inventory management to advanced trade accounting, CRM(Customer Relations Management) and performance management, it is the complete and ultimate solution to manage retailing businesses with multiple locations.

Our system has been designed to be secure, reliable and compatible. Moreover our web-client-server architecture also allows the simultaneous and real-time management of multiple stores or organizations with one instance.

The iVerticle Retail Management System is designed to give your business the tools needed to thrive in this competitive market.

Consolidation in the retail industry means that you have to work even harder to differentiate your business. That's why improving customer service is key to success. Knowing who is buying what and which promotions are successful�and then using that data to shape strategic decisions�can help you streamline your business and increase your profits.

  • With Any Operating System (Mac, Windows, Unix...)
  • Mobile Access for Owners
  • With Personal Computers and POS Hardware
    • Touch Screen
    • Barcode Reader
    • Thermal Printer!Cash Drawer
Centralized System
  • Customer Relationship Management CRM
  • Orders
  • Events
  • Projects
  • Services
  • Proposals
  • Quotes Invoicing
  • Work Orders
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